Core Distinctives

Intentionally Missional

Valor promotes a biblical worldview to build  servant-leadership and provide opportunities  to impact the world through long-term  relationships. Our students purposefully live out the word of  God interpersonally, and throughout the local  and global community. 

Collaboratively  Successful

Valor equips students to recognize spiritual,  physical, cognitive, and social strengths in  themselves and others. Our students collaborate and add value within  their local and global community. 

Globally Competent

Valor capitalizes on cross-curricular learning  opportunities that expand our worldviews and  connect our students to a multicultural  community. Our Students turn academics into action by  problem solving global issues with knowledge  and empathy. 

Meaningfully Innovative 

Valor’s pioneering staff of life long-learners  reach out of the box to create unique  opportunities for risk taking and purposeful. 

Core Values – Courageous Faith in Action

  • Character-We believe our faith is made complete through our action. We are courageous and strong in the way we love others. We are excellent in our innovation in education and we are bold in stepping into our gifts and identity in Christ. 

  • Competent-Our innovative One2One Missions model and our classroom settings help build a collaborative environment focused on empowering communities.

  • Commitment-Christ is the center of who we are. We are passionate about living out His word in the way we learn, teach, and grow.