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about_vcsiDo you see this ever-changing world longing for leaders who are well prepared to address the global issues of their day? Valor Christian School International is focused on developing confident, creative, and wise Christ following leaders, courageous with innovation and 21st Century skills. At Valor we have saturated our accredited academic plan with God’s Word, current education research on global competencies, along with best practices in education to establish a signature pedagogy. Our educational missions focus connects students with their God given purpose as members of Christ’s body, in order to fulfill the great commission. In order to take students from apathy to impact, and to become effective image bearers of Christ it is important to empower students with the knowledge and ability to become world changers. We must model and provide opportunities for our students to transition from simply being hearers of God’s word, to being doers of God’s word.  We do this by improving their global competencies, aiding students in the understanding of society and culture at home and around the world. VCSI effectively integrates a biblical worldview  to real-world critical-thinking and core academic skill sets.

Our school is accredited through the national accreditation board Cognia. Originally AdvancedEd, Cognia oversees the accreditation process for schools both nationally and internationally. We are excited to partner with Cognia for the success of our students. Click here to view Valor’s accreditation. 


Valor Chrisitan School International is a member of Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA).
Missional Education
What is Missional Education?
IMG_107Missional education is about Connecting students with their God given purpose as members of Christ’s body here on earth fulfilling the great commission. In order for students to be on mission as Christians representing Christ wherever God calls them it is important that they have a global perspective understanding society and culture at home and across the world, and how their faith can interact with that culture to spread God’s Kingdom.  They must be able to connect global mission to their learning so that they can strengthen the witness of gospel as members of the body of Christ.
One-2-One Education


When you enroll in VCSI a percentage of your tuition helps end the cycle of global education inequality. Over 72 million children around the world do not have access to education according to UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization). Each VCSI student will be paired with a student in need of education in a developing community around the world. Our first educational partnerships are in the Philippines, Haiti and now Kenya. Through these partnerships students at VCSI are connected to other students around the globe. This is an exciting way to model a generous spirit to our children and make a significant impact on the world around us.

Measurable Academic Results
photo-1453733190371-0a9bedd82893VCSI utilizes a data-driven approach to our classroom instruction. This approach allows our community to understand the individual learner, and effectively bridge the educational program to meet each student’s needs. VCSI leadership and administration is committed to providing parents and teachers the data needed to understand his/her child without getting caught in a vicious cycle of standardized testing. Using tools like MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) our teachers are able to identify student strengths to ensure academic progress. In addition, we analyze this data for continuous school improvement and curriculum decisions.
Missions for all
photo-1439218162959-f94eda3a382aAt VCSI every student is engaged in both local and global missions. Through our 1:1 model, every student is paired with a student in need of education around the globe. Each year, VCSI sends teams of high school students on missions trips locally, across the nation and around the globe. Our elementary school classes partner with high school missions teams to learn about the people and places around the world that their school is working in. Through this mission-centered approach, VCSI trains disciples who can be influencers solving the challenges of the 21st century, disciples who heal the sick, feed the hungry and advance God’s kingdom in every corner of the globe.