Picture Make-Up October 15th

Head of School:

We are settling in as a school, our students and staff have started to feel the rhythm of their schedules, parents have hopefully figured out the best routes for pickup and drop off. Rhythm and schedule can provide a tremendous amount of comfort and a sense of security. I appreciate stability and predictability. However, as God has so gently reminded me over the last few years, we are still called to walk out this Faith Journey as a community. This my friends is only the beginning of how God will use our little community for His glory. He has been so faithful to provide all that we have needed and brought us to this day. However, as we look ahead there are still so many obstacles for us to prayerfully hurdle, there is so much wisdom that will be needed and it will require each of us to prayerfully consider what part God has asked us to play. Please be in prayer for our finances as we look to put into place a sustainable growth model and provide the necessary resources and salaries which will go along with this. You will hear more about this in the months ahead.
I would love to invite you to our first Valor Consortium Meeting. We have an expert guest joining us to share about Brain Development of our kids and what that means for parents. We will also provide opportunity at the end for parents to give feedback and ask questions about this topic, as well as ask other questions or concerns they would like addressed.
Please pray for our high school students as they will be choosing their mission location and will be fundraising over the next few months to make this happen. Each Thursday @ 4 PM we join our global partners online for a time of prayer over Valor Nation. Please let me know if you would like a link to join, all are welcome. Our school has been birthed in prayer and we believe it is an essential part of our mission as we look towards our future. We stand in faith on Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do abundantly above all that we could even think to ask. Finally, just a reminder you can receive a 10% tuition discount for each student you refer who enrolls at Valor. This can still apply to this year, but spaces are limited!Have blessed week!
Field Trips:
10/3 – FFA Field Trip(High School)
10/5-7 – Backpacking Trip(High School)
10/5 – Oregon Heritage Farms(Kinder & 1st grade)
Looking Ahead:
10/8/18 – Parent Consortium Meeting any parent or family member is welcome to attend to hear the latest from the Head of School and discuss any agenda items that may be of interest.
10/10/18 – PSAT for all Sophomore and Juniors proctored at the school.
11/3/18 – original date of All School Gala has been changed to 2/2/19
10/1 – MS Volleyball vs Life Christian @ Valor 4:00
MS Volleyball 2 vs Gilkey B @ Gilkey 4:00
10/2 – Varsity Volleyball vs SW Christian @ Southwest Christian 6:00
10/4 – MS Volleyball vs Team 1 vs Team 2 @ Valor 4:00
10/5 – MS Cross Country at Country Christian
3rd-5th Soccer vs TVA @ Tualatin Valley Academy 4:00
Congrats to the High School on being amazing at High School Retreat! We just don’t want to let the fun end. On Tuesday October 2nd, we will be having a high school pizza and snacks lunch upstairs in the Sanctuary to celebrate our students. High School students come hang out and relive the memories.
10/11/18 Wreath Sales begin.
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