Please find details on our middle school electives below:

Middle School Worship Band

This middle school music class will work on basic music theory and performance in preparation for leading Elementary Chapel and other performances. The class will work with students on learning an instrument or vocal performance. Students will learn about music theory and implement this understanding in the classroom. Our instructor has years of experience in both lessons and performance and will support and further facilitate building the skills and talents within the student.

Middle School Music Ensemble

Do you want to learn how to play in a band? Ready to pick up an instrument? This class will help to start our Band program. Come prepared to learn how to read music and play as a group. Additional Materials Required and Instructor Approval of Instrument

Middle School Drumline

This new one trimester class will help students learn the basics of following a drum pattern and timing. Students will work to form a drumline to perform in the Winter Program. Students will also build drumming skills that may be used for worship band and other performances. This class will be fun, loud, and introduce you to a whole new musical experience. Additional Materials Required

Middle School Art

This art class will work with students on the basic of artistic expression. Time will be spent building skills in drawing, painting, 3-D work, and still life. Students will work with a variety of different materials. The class will be a fun hands-on experience where students explore their creative side. Additional Materials Required

Middle School Culinary Arts Course 1

This rocking class will teach you how to become the next great chef. Students will learn the best cooking techniques and tips as they prepare a final gourmet meal. This tasty class will build skills as student create pastas, baked goods, and desserts. All new recipes this year will tempt the taste-buds. Additional Materials Required

Business Entrepreneurship Course 1, 2, and 3

An amazing skill building class that will help support students in dreaming, creating, and starting their own business. Students will build on skills each term as they work to identify strengths and how to turn their ideas into action. The class will be taught by the incredible world changer Mindee Hardin.

Middle School Theater

This fast-paced theater class will introduce students to staging, movement, and performances. Students will learn monologues, act in short plays, and learn about fencing. Students will learn to trust each other on the stage while pushing themselves and having fun. The class will have performances.

Middle School Photography

This class will focus on how to use lighting and different artistic styles in a photography class. Students will learn to use software to help manipulate photos along with framing techniques. Additional Materials Required, Class size is limited.

Middle School Video Production

This new class will help students to learn how to use the Adobe Create Cloud Suite along with other software to make videos of their own design. Students will learn about using different kinds of video shots, how to style a video, and start down the path to make the next great blockbuster film. Students will need a Laptop that supports Adobe Premier, please see instructor.

Middle School Physical Education

Physical Education at the Middle School Level will focus on both Team Sports and Life Long Fitness Goals The goal will be to include the traditional sports in coordination with the season of play. Examples of this would be Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, etc. We will also incorporate popular team sports in other countries as well as less traditional team & individual sports (Handball, Floor Hockey, Flag Sparring, Ultimate Frisbee etc.). Each class will consist of activity related warm ups, skill instruction, lead up games, and scrimmages. Dressing in PE uniforms are required for each class.

Middle School Science Team

Our competitive science team competes in several different competitions including E-Cybermission and , MATE- Underwater Robotics. E-cybermission is an online science and engineering fair. Students complete the task at school and submit a write-up for the national competition where they can win individual saving bonds. For MATE, students work as teams to create an underwater robotic to complete assigned tasks. Students will work on programming, marketing, speaking, and graphic design skills. Students will work together as a team while learning valuable tool skills and science concepts. Requirements: Instructor Approval

Middle School Study Hall

Our study hall class is a time for students to work on assigned class work. Students will be working in a teacher supported environment where they can get assistance for teachers on work and understanding. When students are done with their class work, they should have a book they bring with them every day to read from.

Middle School Teaching Assistant

Students can assist in the elementary school during recess or lunches. In certain opportunities, students will work within the classroom. Requirements: Students must apply to be selected as a teaching assistant.

Middle School Choir

Students will work on beginning music theory and choral performance. Students will work on proper breathing and posture. Students will perform at both the Gala and Winter Program ,with an additional performance during the winter during Zoolights. No prior experience is needed. 8th Grade Students and older.