Please find he course descriptions for all high school students below:

VCSI High School Electives

High School Physical Education

Physical Education at the High School level is required for one year, and is an elective for additional years. We build on team and individual sports incorporating many of the aspects listed in the middle school Physical education section. Dressing in PE uniforms are required for each class.


This Fall term physical education class will introduce backpacking and survival skills. Students will learn how to do the basics of hiking outside and spending the night along with some trail first aide. The class will consist of several smaller hikes leading up to a longer overnight hike. Some backpacking materials will be available to borrow. Additional Materials Required


This spring term class will be all about Golf! Students will learn the basics of golfing with proper techniques and learning the rules of the game. Students will spend time on the golf course and this could lead to the formation of a school golf team! Additional Materials Required

High School Yearbook

Our yearbook team will be a fun focused group of students that will be responsible for taking the photos and organizing our school’s yearbook for the year. Students will be able to work on their graphic design skills and photography abilities. This class will be responsible for putting together the memories for the whole school. It will build leadership and art skills.

High School Mock Trials

This class will introduce students to the National Mock Trials Competition as part of the Classroom Law Project. Students will start the class being introduced to the appellate court system. Students will then prepare for court procedure by researching facts and legal arguments. Students will assume the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a fictional criminal or civil trail and will go through a complete procedure in a real courtroom with a Real Judge. This is a great class to build public speaking skills and an amazing experience for any student looking to build up their college application.

High School Photography

This class will focus on how to use lighting and different artistic styles in a photography class. Students will learn to use software to help manipulate photos along with framing techniques. Additional Materials Required, Class size is limited.

High School Video Production

This new class will help students to learn how to use the Adobe Create Cloud Suite along with other software to make videos of their own design. Students will learn about using different kinds of video shots, how to style a video, and start down the path to make the next great blockbuster film. Students will need a Laptop that supports Adobe Premier, please see instructor.

High School Science Team

Our competitive science team competes in several different competitions including MATE-Underwater Robotics, and Envirothon. For MATE, students work as teams to create a underwater robotics competition to complete assigned tasks. Students will work on programming, marketing, speaking, and graphic design skills. Students will work together as a team while learning valuable tool skills and science concepts. The Oregon Envirothon is an exciting, fun way for high school-aged students to learn about the environment through hands-on field experiences that demonstrate knowledge of natural resources. Requirements: Instructor Approval and enrolled in both terms.

High School Teaching Assistant

Students can have the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant in an elementary or middle school classroom. This is a great experience to support both teachers and for leadership development. Students will be assigned a variety of tasks based on the grade level of the class they are helping with. Tasks can include grading, recess help, reading support, and more.

High School Internship Program

Our high school internship program will be open to students following the completion of their sophomore year. As students start the process of looking into colleges and plans beyond high school, having an opportunity to learn skills and apply classroom knowledge is a vital foundational piece. An internship is an opportunity to apply what you as a student have learned in the classroom to a professional setting. Most junior students will elect to do an internship over the summer, but there are opportunities for internships during the academic year for those students who can fit it into their schedule. Students can participate in a formal internship program through an organization or create their own internship experience with the help of an advisor. To receive high school credit internship classes must be set-up prior to the start of the internship and will require additional documentation. Requirements: Instructor Approval

High School Study Hall

Our study hall class is a time for students to work on assigned class work. Students will be working in a teacher supported environment where they can get assistance for teachers on work and understanding. When students are done with their class work, they should have a book they bring with them every day to read from.

High School Choir

Students will work on beginning music theory and choral performance. Students will work on proper breathing and posture. Students will perform at both the Gala and Winter Program, with an additional performance during the winter during Zoolights. No prior experience is needed.

High School Worship Band

This before school class will be performing weekly as the worship band for our secondary chapels. Students will be working on their performance skills and then using them as worship leaders during chapel. This class will provide a Godly foundation in performance and the worship arts.