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It is our passion to seek the TRUTH of God’s identity and our identity in Him. Our students will be able to use their education and apply the truth to gain WISDOM in order to LOVE God and others.

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Integrated Missional Education

Valor One-2-One Initiative

Valor Christian School International (VCSI) is on-mission as a Christian independent K-12 college preparatory school. At VCSI, we believe it is vital for students to develop academic skills in the context of local and global missions. By capturing their minds, hearts and creativity, VCSI is preparing students in the following threefold manner:

  • Working with each student to discover God’s plan and purpose in their lives.
  • Providing knowledge and demonstrable examples for students to approach real world problems from a solution-focused, critical-thinking perspective.
  • Creating lab-like opportunities to apply their knowledge in order to have real world impact.

We offer the highest standards of integrated, missional education that heightens knowledge and skills while at the same time engaging students in both local and global mission fields. This parallel approach allows students to gain a global perspective and ultimately become the next generation of leaders across their selected geographic and professional fields.

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Middle School Electives for 2018-19

Please find details on our middle school electives below: Middle School Worship BandThis middle school music class will work on basic music theory and performance in preparation for leading Elementary Chapel and other performances. The class will work with students on...

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What’s Happening at VCSI

Integrated Educational Missions Model

 “The world needs Christ followers who are innovative leaders in every field”

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Real World Problem Solving


Design Thinking Instruction


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Missions for All

At VCSI every student is engaged in both local and global missions. Through our 1:1 model, every student is paired with a student in need of education around the globe. Each year, VCSI sends teams of high school students on missions trips locally, across the nation and around the globe. Our elementary school classes partner with high school missions teams to learn about the people and places around the world that their school is working in. Through this mission-centered approach, VCSI trains disciples who can be influencers solving the challenges of the 21st century, disciples who will heal the sick, feed the hungry and advance God’s kingdom in every corner of the globe.