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Valor Christian Schools in Beaverton, Oregon, South Korea, and The Philippines are dedicated to raising generations of missional-minded students driven to become global influencers in their communities.

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Mission: To Serve and follow Christ

What We Believe:


We believe our faith is made complete through our action.. We are courageous and strong in the way we love others.We are excellent in our innovation in education and we are bold in stepping into our gifts and identity in Christ.


Our innovative One2One Missions model and our classroom settings help build a collaborative environment focused on empowering communities.


Christ is the center of who we are. We are passionate about living out His word in the way we learn, teach, and grow.

Our Integrated Educational Missions Model

At VCSI every student is engaged in both local and global missions. Through our One 2 One model, every student is paired with a student in need of education around the globe. Each year, VCSI sends teams of high school students on missions experiences locally, across the nation and around the world. Our elementary school classes also engage in serving and loving on our community through their own missions experience. We believe missions is a life style we live, not simply a trip we take. Through this mission-centered approach, VCSI equips students to utilize their God-given gifts and abilities to be influencers, solving the challenges of the 21st century, followers of Christ who heal the sick, feed the hungry and advance God’s kingdom.

Biblical Worldview

We believe that a Biblical Worldview should influence decision making both inside and outside of the classroom. To that end, Valor students are trained to think critically about the world around them while considering the world through the lens of the Word of God to inform their decisions. A Biblical worldview is embedded throughout our curriculum and activities. As Christ followers we believe it is our responsibility to be well-informed about other world views and be respectful, responding to others of differing views with both grace and love.

Design Thinking Instruction

Design thinking is a strategy for innovation and improving the world around us. It is a systematic process to make improvements which begins with empathy for others we seek to serve. Thinking like a designer can transform culture as our students position themselves as creators rather than simply consumers.

Data-driven approach

At Valor our data-driven approach begins with the learner in mind as we discover the point in which a student is ready to learn. We do this by assessing our students at the beginning of the year with a Web-based dynamic test which Measures Academic Progress (MAP). Students, parents and teachers partner together to create learning growth goals for academic success throughout the school year. Annually Valor staff use our school data to identify trends over time in our academic success and make adjustments accordingly to continue to strive for excellence throughout our school.

Individualized Learning Plans

At Valor we believe every child is uniquely gifted by God. We explore with our students and parents how we might better serve the needs of each student. It is our goal that every student would be highly challenged, yet not overwhelmed by their learning. Academics should be rigorous, developing grit and resiliency in our students as we prepare each one for their future. Valor staff helps our students identify their gifts and passion, and work to create a learning path which helps every child reach their optimum potential. Students are placed in classes based on skill sets and interests. In high school students have the opportunity to do college credit classes and internships to explore potential career interest. We endeavor to inspire curiosity and a passion for life-long learning within every student.

Real World Problem Solving

We are handing our students a world with complex problems to be solved. It is our job as educators to prepare our students for the future they are walking into. At Valor students are given opportunities through our missional education to identify real-world problems and use their learning to create solutions which can be implemented in real-life situations. We believe in the value of education as one component to aid in the transformation of culture. We use our academic approach to help our students be solution-focused as they experience the world.
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